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Who We Are

Our Members

One Voice Texas is a comprised of 100+ non-profit and public agencies that provide Houston-area residents with health and human services, including faith-based programs and charitable foundations.  Member organizations are united by the belief that public policy has a powerful impact on the lives of our clients as well as the effectiveness and stability of our programs.



 Our Vision

Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

One Voice Texas works to better the physical, mental and economic health of the people of Greater Houston by supporting the policies, programs and conditions that effectively move families to stability and self-sustainability.

 How We Work

The Role of One Voice Texas

As a policy collaborative whose 100+ members span the breadth of the non-profit sector, One Voice Texas plays a unique role in the Houston community by dedicating itself to advocating for—and managing the process of—systems change.  One Voice’s role includes:

  • Providing timely data and analysis to inform policy decisions about local health and human services needs;
  • Convening and leading a robust community dialogue that engages providers, consumers and funders;
  • Mobilizing stakeholders and local & state policymakers to jointly arrive at solutions that match the current and future realities of the Greater Houston area;
  • Advocating for the tools needed—e.g., policy change, funding, collaborations, etc.—so that stakeholder-driven solutions can take effect; and
  • Monitoring implementation of polices so as to track outcomes and suggest refinements.


The work of building a collaborative vision largely takes place in monthly Work groups, which are aligned with each of One Voice’s Priority Areas.  Work groups are open to all One Voice members, with the monthly meeting schedule posted on the One Voice website and meeting reminders posted in weekly member newsletters.

 Our Priority Areas

Building Blocks of Health & Opportunity

One Voice Texas is organized around the central axis of health and healthcare, which embraces not only access to clinical care but also those behavioral, environmental and socioeconomic factors (a.k.a. as the “social determinants”) that have the power to shape individual, family and community health and well-being.

  • Safe Families: Protecting against threats to personal and family safety in the home and in the neighborhood.
  • Healthy Minds & Bodies: Improving community health by broadening access to preventative and primary healthcare and by ensuring equitable coverage for mental health.
  •  FUNDAMENTAL Building Blocks: Focusing on the primary ingredients needed to maintain a healthy life, namely adequate & healthy food, available & affordable housing, energy/utilities, and transportation to work, worship, play and shop.
  • ECONOMIC STABILITY: Promoting pathways that lead to economic self-sufficiency and changing predatory practices that keep families trapped in poverty, e.g. payday and title lending, unfair eviction practices, etc.