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84th Texas Legislature

84th Texas Legislature Position Statements Summary

BH Funding and Access to Services Final

BH Home and Community Based Services Final


CY Coordination State Level Prevention Efforts Final

CY Ensure More Children Achieve Permanency Final

CY Preventing Homelessness of Youth Who Age Out of Foster Care Final

CY Protecting the Mental and Physical Halth Needs of Youth Updated

 CY Protecting the Mental and Physical Health Needs of Youth Final

 CY Protecting the Rights of Children in Foster Care Final

CY Strengthening the Ability of Kin to Care for Relative Children Final

 CY Strengthening the Ability of Stakeholders to Prevent Youth Homelessness Final.doc

CY Support for Relatives Caring for Children in Foster Care Final

 HC Childrens Health Insurance CHIP Final

HC Healthcare Coverage Models Final

 HC Immunizations_Vaccinations-Registry Final

HC Texas Medicaid 1115 Transformation and Quality Improvement Waiver Final

 HC Womens Health Final