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Become a Member Today!

The mixed blessing attributed to the Chinese—“May you live in interesting times.”—seems especially apropos today. Policy change is coming fast and furious, from emergency hearings on privatizing CPS to all-night markups of a proposed American Healthcare Act. Make no mistake:  Health and human services programs are coming under unprecedented financial and philosophical attack in the Texas Legislature and in the new Congress.

Take an important step to protect your clients and your ability to serve: Join as a member of One Voice Texas: A Collaborative for Health & Human Services, where Houston-area non-profits join forces to advocate for policies that build the physical, emotional and financial health of our community.

Simply put, there’s strength in numbers. That’s why One Voice Texas has dropped membership dues to $100—and why your Organization needs One Voice Texas (and vice-versa). The goal for One Voice is simple: to build a roster of 200–300 organizations who care deeply about shared priority areas—(1) Safe Families, Safe Neighborhoods; (2) Healthy Minds & Bodies; (3) Basic Needs & Fundamental Building Blocks, and (4) Pathways to Economic Success—and who speak with one united voice, in a powerful chorus!


Join One Voice as a Member at our new 2017 flat rate of $100.00 TODAY! To strengthen our collective voice, we need your name on the letterhead, your perspective at the table, and your voice in chorus with ours as the non-profit sector continues to lead the way towards a better Texas.  Join OVT Packet


Jacqueline “Jackie” Pontello, J.D.

Executive Director